About us

Our company

Elytium is the legal entity that owns the marketing rights and representation of paintings by Georges Yatridès and operates sites Yatrides-21st-Century.
It is responsible for managing all activities for the painter to work calmly on his work without the mind occupied by the constraints.


The founder

Christophe Odin, co-founder of Kelkoo and Business Angel of different companies is the leader of the company Elytium.
Following his meeting with George Yatrides, he found very damaging that no one can see the fantastic work of this great artist. Trust is established between them and decided to work with him to share the results of this work with many of you.
The last great art book on Georges Yatridès "Yatridès and his century" appeared in the last century, naturally we decided to call this site Yatrides 21st Century witnessed the life of this painter who became its eighth decade and continues to have a strong creative and artistic production.


Georges Yatrides and Christophe Odin choosing canvas

Georges Yatridès and Christophe Odin now choosing canvas