December 12th 1983 : PARIS – Special public auction sale for Polish Christmas

12 December 1983: PARIS

Meridian Hotel
Special public auction sale for Polish Christmas, by the Ministry of Maître Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr, painting on canvas “New Roll” (92×60 cm).

Completed sale: 800 000 francs.

GV-DULLES, member of American Foundations, was three French buyers, friends of Poland, Georges Yatridès wished to honor in revealing their name in this generous action which, from the first moments of the original purchaser that:

Jacques Dechavannes, for the sum of 400 000 F (Crédit Mutuel) which joined Jacques Berthier Fuzet and Christian (Crédit Agricole and Société Lyonnaise de Banque).

Three buyers for chartering a large convoy, of course insufficient for the Polish people very unhappy. The convoy consisted of a large medical equipment, toys, fruits including oranges children discovered for the first time in their schools, clinics, television Warsaw.

U.S. intervention would have resulted in spectacular auction but would compromise the operation of which the benefit was intended to Poland, then communist government would have prohibited the movement.

This could be realized through the sale only zero-rated French taxes by Jacques Delors himself.

Sale broadcast on Antenne 2 by Daniel Billalian Journal 20 hours.

1981 : Paris Sacré-Coeur, Montmartre exhibition

“The Chair rails of Heaven” exhibition of sacred art
Three crypts are assigned to YATRIDES
Under the patronage of Mayor of Paris Jacques Chirac and Bishop Maxim
CHARLES, Prelate of Honor of His Holiness, Rector of Basilica.
Extension has an exceptional exhibition of YATRIDES until September 30th
Tribute to Lucia Samaras. Greek cultural delegate.

TV report