2005 : Cyberarchi website post make the relationship between 2001 a space Odyssey and Yatrides artwork

In an article published in the journal Cyberarchi in 2005, Christophe Leray speaks of the path that followed the architect Raphael Gabrion in its proposed creation of an observatory on the plains of Nazca Peruvian and reconciliation he made between work of Georges Yatridès and film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The article is still accessible to date, however we copied the page if it ever came to be deleted.



June 1992 : The Tortuous fate of a masterpiece

Extract from article published  june 16th 1992, a painting by Georges Yatridès attracts many desires …

A Bordeaux antiquarian had appropriated a painting as legacy
The Tortuous fate of a master painting
Grenoble – indeed curious fate than this painting on wood painter Georges Yatridès from Grenoble, dedicated back to Master White, barrister in Grenoble, died May 8, 1988. An artwork of the first period of the artist, a little impressionist  and for that very original … ”

Christian NEYRAT


December 1988 : 13 Millions of FF for a Yatrides oil on canvas

Article in the Dauphine LibĂ©rĂ© in December 1988 talking about the sale of the painting adolescents and children for a total of 13 million FF and selection in the International Who’s Who in Art.

The canvas painted in 1963 by Georges Yatridès

Extract of the article written by VĂ©ronique Julliard :

For movie buffs, and the general public should also know that the oil canvas called “The adolescents and children,” was adopted by the director Stanley Kubrick in the film “2001: A Space Odyssey ‘

13 millions of FF for a Yatrides painting