1970-1973 : Researches in Grenoble Nuclear Studies Center

Paul Perroud, eminent specialist, Director of the Office of Special Application
Physics at C.E.N.G. makes available for YATRIDES, a team of researchers.
In C.E.N.G. laboratories, YATRIDES demonstrated his theory of a new time property, its interaction in sequences of stabilizing
atomically complex substances, sequences of time not irreversible, and its influence in various fields, including that of light during the completion of certain incandescence phases of different solids.

In this latter area, including hydrocarbons pyrolityc creation YATRIDES obtains patents approved by the Washington DC Patent Office for U.S. and other countries concerned by these goals.  Thereby his researches started in 1968 are confirmed.

George YATHIDES paid also homage here to the key science of Paul PERROUD, Doctor of Knowledge of Berkeley, who was able to immediately recognize the scientific value of its discoveries.


1970 : Georges Yatrides patent a method for limiting the harmful effects of tobacco

On its own initiative Georges Yatridès conducted research on its designs and personal objectives.

These exclusive works made especially CEA-CENG (Center for Nuclear Studies in Grenoble) led to the demonstration of the theory he had developed a new property time separated from space and its influence in many areas, including the light from solids in glow phases, their action on the hydrocarbon components.

It is worth recalling that the human species is hydrocarbon and the stars are buzzing / incandescent thermonuclear variable star like our own Sun.

The materials needed for this research were provided by him:

  • AMERICAN STELL Ltd for metal steel tubes cold drawn and developed under the direction of physicist Hans Rauner logician to be introduced into the hydrocarbon materials in combustion;
  • Pierre LeDez Head of Research at SEITA some other hydrocarbon;
  • Director Paul PERROUD Offices Special Applications of Physics at CEA-CENG which began its provisions laboratories and qualified personnel for operations combined analysis of temperatures and densities of only hydrocarbon materials provided by SEITA;
  • PROCTER & GAMBLE Co Inc. instrumentation necessary for the analysis of correlative models, their action on muscle tissue.

Patents issued in his name, all exclusive private claims granted him were issued in countries with strict uncompromising examinations including the United States, Britain and Germany, in particular patents honored by the United States, the Patent Office Washington DC.

Discussions were initiated with cigarette manufacturers but never led, Georges Yatridès not wishing that the work of his research contributed to the increase in the number of smokers.

Extrapolation of his research has applied on a flat surface, a painting, a new artistic approach to light and time separated from the space, which makes his paintings so different. One has the impression that the light leaves his paintings.

Georges Yatridès patents on this topic:


Cigarette having a blind conduit

These patents are referenced in more than a dozen other patents on the subject

Washington patent office (patents referencing Yatrides patents)

European patent office : smoking article with dual burn rate fuel element


June 1967 : Georges Yatrides filed a patent for a weight machine

Aged 17, George Yatridès stays in Leopoldville in the Belgian Congo, where his stepfather was Vice-Consul of France. His right lung is seriously ill, he returned to France to be operated by the Santy great teacher in Grange Blanche (Lyon), the operation lasted eight hours Pavilion O. He then underwent resection of the upper lobe of his right lung removed this requires incision of dorsal muscle fibers and causes a near paralysis of his right arm.

Georges Yatridès then imagine a weight machine he will use at first for personal use and which will then be marketed under the name Isomax 500 internationally registered trademark.

It is a device which is composed of a base metal and an elastic member which allows to make movements isometric.

Depending on the elasticity of the selected item, we will make more or less effort. This device fits so well as those who want to do a light workout that those who want to make more.

Again, this invention is the subject of an international patent.

Patent on the weight system at the Patent Office in Washington

This patent is also cited as a reference in other subsequent patents on weight machines.