February 2009 : Miles MILLAR interested in making a biopic about Yatrides

In a letter of February 2009 Ingrid Shulte-Vilain, a friend of George who was Yatridès producer in Hollywood where she has a large property. Miles Millar American screenwriter and producer (The Mummy, Lethal Weapon, Spider Man, …) reflects the great interest in making a film on the biography of Georges Yatrides.

February 17, 2009
Ingrid, thank you first and foremost, for sending your items on GEORGES YATRIDES. It is the culmination of a control in terms of artistic quality and technical virtuosity evokes Ernst, Dali and Chagall. The body of his work is ethereal, not only aesthetic, but his innate ability to exploit the metaphysical aspects of our nature.
It is an absolute constant redefinitions in its structure and development of contemporary art and a gift for all of us to evolve.
My apologies for the lateness of this response, I was on the ground with my last project and I tend to immerse myself in the subject in hand in a comprehensive manner. When the first opportunity came, I have entered unreservedly and with all my heart in the various workings
Yatrides work and I was blown away by the penetration of his mind.
The power of this man’s vision is infinite, and I want to see a movie on the subject proper justice to that which is his due.
Once again, thank you for sincerely considered for this great company. He had not lost a moment to assimilate the elements that you have
sent, it is with humility that I immersed myself in such a transcendence pictures and stuff. The work is amazing and Georges Yatrides
legitimately deserves the position he will have in our collective history, it is a true craftsman of the intangible.
I look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles next spring.
Miles Millar




2005 : Cyberarchi website post make the relationship between 2001 a space Odyssey and Yatrides artwork

In an article published in the journal Cyberarchi in 2005, Christophe Leray speaks of the path that followed the architect Raphael Gabrion in its proposed creation of an observatory on the plains of Nazca Peruvian and reconciliation he made between work of Georges Yatridès and film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The article is still accessible to date, however we copied the page if it ever came to be deleted.



1994 : “Yatrides and bible” book written by Sacha Bourmeyster

New analysis by Sacha Bourmeyster in this book “Yatrides and the Bible” following exposure in the crypts of the SacrĂ©-coeurt in 1981.


The disaster that the painter lived and overcame the loss is no possible return of traditional painting, the destruction of all signs, all markers that had for centuries allowed the men to communicate through pictorial representation.
With Yatridès, we discuss a painting that no longer corresponds to ways of writing which we have used successively the figurative, the Impressionists, the Fauves, Cubists or abstract painting that lends itself to another reading.”

Sacha Bourmeyster

1994 : Interstellar icons book by Sacha Bourmeyster

“Interstellars lcons ” by Sacha BOURMEYSTER
“YATRIDES 1960 - KUBRICK 1968 ”

Anticipation of interstellar icons of George YATRIDES
and monoliths on the novel by Arthur C. CLARKE
and in the movie  “2001: A Space Odyssey ”by Stanley Kubrick.

Book extract

“The following analysis in no way aims, with mercenary ulterior motives, at claiming paternity rights. YatridĂ©s has shown clearly enough in his life as a painter the little importance he attached to that kind of preoccupation,
It is evident that his slabs came first.
Did they have a direct influence on the work of the filmmaker and the novelist? It hardly matters. The comparison between the different approaches: pictorial, literary and cinematic shall, I hope, allow devotees of
Yatrides works a better understanding of the slabs importance and of their significance in the painters very creative process. A painter whose constant ambition is to push back the boundaries of his art.”


Sacha Bourmeyster

Painting in 1963 where we see the monolith

Some painting with slabs between 1963 and 1965

The vertical monolith at the beginning of the film is now horizontal and fly as a light source beside men during their trip.

1994 : “YATRIDES century, the Anti Picasso” book published

“YATRIDES century, the Anti Picasso”

by Alexander (Sacha) BOURMEYSTER
Prestigious  edition  illustrated by numerous color reproductions.
268 pages.
Book extract translated

Picasso Yatridès
Lives in the scandal and provocation Lives outside the tumult
Does not prostitution (falling into the facility) Does not prostitute his work
Believes that the painter is greater than the work Believes that the work is greater than the painter
Discredits traditional techniques to dispel the illusions of public Renounce foreign technology to develop those which will own
Theory denies Theorist is
MĂ©prise ceux qui doivent chercher Despise those who must seek
Down and appropriates the works of others Respects the work its precursors but wants to take it to a higher level
Claims that art is a lie that makes going to the truth Installation art as a fiction in which realizes the truth
Kill desire by nightmare Transforms the desire
Fun, exciting, but disappoints by its unfinished work Concerned with perfection, but fills those who adhere


1991 – 1993 : Yatrides Great Master Guest to Canada international biennials


Great Master Guest
Prestigious monographic catalog of 72 pages.
Edition planned for Montreal Biennial (87-89-91-93) organized
by Madeleine D. Tremblay, President to which his works were
expected for different partial retrospective from 1945 to 1982.

YATRIDES, although Grand Guest of Honour, could not get there.




1991 : Riom and Royat exhibitions

“International Biennial France – Quebec”
Honorary Grand Guest
Other exhibitions of the Biennial:
• Champagnac near Bort-les-Organs
• Langeac
• Le Puy en Velay
• Mozac
• St. Julien Chapteuil
• Vieux Montferrand
• Vichy
Edition by the Biennal  Organization of a prestigious monographic catalog of  48 pages.