December 1988 : 13 Millions of FF for a Yatrides oil on canvas

Article in the Dauphine LibĂ©rĂ© in December 1988 talking about the sale of the painting adolescents and children for a total of 13 million FF and selection in the International Who’s Who in Art.

The canvas painted in 1963 by Georges Yatridès

Extract of the article written by VĂ©ronique Julliard :

For movie buffs, and the general public should also know that the oil canvas called “The adolescents and children,” was adopted by the director Stanley Kubrick in the film “2001: A Space Odyssey ‘

13 millions of FF for a Yatrides painting


January 87 : Article about a Yatrides watercolor sold 450 000 FF

Article relatant la vente du tableau “Deux nus”, peinture Ă  l’eau sur toile en camaĂŻeu (Ocre nuancĂ©) de 1962 pour 450 000 FF le 8 dĂ©cembre 1986 chez MaĂ®tre Blache Ă  Grenoble.

Article about the sale of the painting “Two Nudes”, watercolor on canvas shades (ocher shaded) in 1962, 450,000 FF 8th December 1986 in Grenoble by Master Blache.