Google Books display 2001 a space odyssey when looking for Georges Yatrides

I have been surprised recently to see when I was looking for Georges Yatridès on Google Books to see results about Kubrick, 2001 a space odyssey , and 2010 : odyssey two. The terms “Georges Yatrides” are not appearing in the books , but Google algorythm has established a relevancy between Georges Yatrides and Kubrick films.

This is probably due to the fact that in several books, it is described that Georges Yatrides artwork has inspired Kubrick for his movies.

Georges Yatrides and 2001 a space odyssey in Google Books

Kubrick et Clarke looked for ideas in art galleries for 2001


In 1994 the book “2001 filming the future” by Piers Bizony is published. In this book he tells that after getting acquainted in April 1964 Clarke and Kubrick in search of ideas for the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, have visited art galleries.

Have they saw the works of Georges Yatridès, then exposed the United States, it is quite possible given the similarities found between the two works.

Extract page 73

“Over the next month Clarke and Kubrick met regularly, for five hours or so at a time, virtually every day. They chatted over lunches, dinners and breakfasts. They earnestly dissected the latest theories of science, space research and high technology during visits to movie theaters, art galleries, restaurants and bars, or at Kubrick’s apartment. “


Yatrides inspiration source for 2001 a space Odyssey

Several elements visible in Yatrides canvas and drawings are also in 2001 Space Odyssey film. It is publicly known Arthur Clarke and Stanley Kubrick have visited Chicago galleries looking for new ideas for the film. Regarding the points that we are raising, there is few doubts about the fact that Yatrides artwork exposed in 1959 in Chicago has influenced the film basement

Beginning of the film

The hominids living on earth establish a first contact with a strange monolith appeared among them, this is the proof of a supernatural life. Since 1951, Yatrides use in his canvas and drawings monoliths and slabs to show a relation between humans and a supernatural strengh (God). These monoliths and slabs are often visible in his artwork. His questions about life origin and the existence of god that we find on a lot of his oils and drawings comes probably from his tuberculosis disease. During spring of 1951, doctors are thinking that he will die. A priest is called to give him extreme unction. He sees himself lying on his hospital bed, and his body again one meter above his bed. He miraculously survived.

Christ Leica and orange done in 1963 by Yatrides
The monolith with similar shape at the beginning of the film monolith

End of the film

Bowman die on his bed, he becomes a fetus. The fetus will cross the monolith to fly on space to the earth.

Yatrides drawing from 1957, where we see a foetus in a sphere crossing a monolith.
2001 A space Odyssey: Bowman dies on his bed in front of the monolith bowman-death-2

Bowman becomes a fetus surounded by a sphere

The fetus cross the monolith to fly through earth

See the video that shows similarities between Yatrides artwork and 2001

February 2009 : Miles MILLAR interested in making a biopic about Yatrides

In a letter of February 2009 Ingrid Shulte-Vilain, a friend of George who was Yatridès producer in Hollywood where she has a large property. Miles Millar American screenwriter and producer (The Mummy, Lethal Weapon, Spider Man, …) reflects the great interest in making a film on the biography of Georges Yatrides.

February 17, 2009
Ingrid, thank you first and foremost, for sending your items on GEORGES YATRIDES. It is the culmination of a control in terms of artistic quality and technical virtuosity evokes Ernst, Dali and Chagall. The body of his work is ethereal, not only aesthetic, but his innate ability to exploit the metaphysical aspects of our nature.
It is an absolute constant redefinitions in its structure and development of contemporary art and a gift for all of us to evolve.
My apologies for the lateness of this response, I was on the ground with my last project and I tend to immerse myself in the subject in hand in a comprehensive manner. When the first opportunity came, I have entered unreservedly and with all my heart in the various workings
Yatrides work and I was blown away by the penetration of his mind.
The power of this man’s vision is infinite, and I want to see a movie on the subject proper justice to that which is his due.
Once again, thank you for sincerely considered for this great company. He had not lost a moment to assimilate the elements that you have
sent, it is with humility that I immersed myself in such a transcendence pictures and stuff. The work is amazing and Georges Yatrides
legitimately deserves the position he will have in our collective history, it is a true craftsman of the intangible.
I look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles next spring.
Miles Millar




2005 : Cyberarchi website post make the relationship between 2001 a space Odyssey and Yatrides artwork

In an article published in the journal Cyberarchi in 2005, Christophe Leray speaks of the path that followed the architect Raphael Gabrion in its proposed creation of an observatory on the plains of Nazca Peruvian and reconciliation he made between work of Georges Yatridès and film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The article is still accessible to date, however we copied the page if it ever came to be deleted.